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website updated

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This month another big update:
In Portfolio:
- " Forgive me " with Annliz we took advantage of her passing through Aix en Provence in April to shoot unexpectedly (Backstages are available in the backstage part ^^).
- " Snow white " with Kandissdoll. (This serie was long to retouch but we finally arrived and you can have a glimpse in the backstage part)
- "Boulimie" with Morgana modelfromhell. The makeup has been realized by BlackCherry makeup.
In Concerts, you will find some photos of Brian Setzer's concert in the city of Istres.
In Wallpaper, we added in downloadable screen Lou Moon.

We hope you’ll like this update and we give you a meeting point next month for another big update.

Ultimate Psycho

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