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Ultimate Journal

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Photography is our passion.
Ultimate Psycho is a concept born with the meeting of 2 peoples from 2 different worlds.
He : Yann , born in 1966, amateur photographer
She : Coco , born in 1974, love bringing out different atmosphere by pictures retouching

Together, we have created our own universe and have directed our ideas of life or what we would like to find in photography.
Each photo session is a new world to redefine and can bring your imagination far.
Our style is mainly fetishist, but can also be pinup style, gothic or even bloody.

Our goal is to share our passion with other people which is why we launched our own website

... Hope you enjoy our work.

you can visit our site on : http://www.ultimate-psycho.com
and our Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002027458747